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Providing creative fund-raising

opportunities for schools, churches and

cause based organizations

Program benefits:

The Canvas for the Cause fund raising model is designed to help support the efforts of local schools, churches, and organizations in raising needed funds for their cause. We are a for profit program that gives back to the organization that supports the efforts

of those that participate in the painting event.


The program brakedown:

-Those that participate learn to paint a canvas that they keep at the end of the event.

- All supplies are provided and instruction is by a trained working artist.

- Event lasts for an average of 3 hours. With one break in the middle of the class.

- Events are best to be held at the school, church, or a designated restaurant.

- Food, snacks or beverages should be offered by the organization to raise additional funds.

 only if event is held on site at the school or church. “Does not apply for restaurant setting”

Class fees:

- Fee for the class is $35.00/person and $5.00/person will go back to the sponsoring



Marketing and payment processing:

- Organization class will be posted online through the “Canvas An Cocktails” website

-  A (PDF) of the flyer will be provided for your organization to e-mail or print.

- A Facebook event can be created at no charge for your event and posted online with a link.

- Payment for the class to reserve a seat will be done using Pay Pal through our website.

- A tally of those that participate will be given as a report at the end of the class as well

  as a check made out to the organization.


Have an auction:

Another way to create a additional stream of income with the event is at the end of the event

to hold an auction of the paintings made by the teachers, staff, or a local celebrity. This option

has the possibility to raise additional funds and can be opened up to online bidding using

perhaps an app like periscope.

Create a calender:

Another way to create a additional stream of income with the event is at the end of the event is

that we can take photos of the finished works and create a calender to be offered.


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Contact us via email to get started with "Create For The Cause". [email protected] 

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